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Online Poker Tournaments

Online tournaments are a great way to win the larger pots or jackpots. Make sure you play at an online poker room that offers regular poker tournaments. The best way to find this out is to do a little reading in the games or promotions section of the casino. The best online poker rooms have weekly tournaments with a prize pool of over $5,000 and sometimes considerably more.

Playing this way has a lot of advantages, but you do need to be careful. One thing to note is you usually need to buy in to start playing in a tournament so if your poker skills are not quite up to scratch yet then practice first. When prize pools are large the best players are attracted so competition is stiff. If you do not have the funds to loose then do not partake in a poker tournament.

You will also find Freeroll Tournaments, where you can enter without having to pay any money. The site puts up the entire prize pool, and you get to keep whatever you win. The idea is that you will enjoy playing in the tournaments so much that you will want to enter events that you do need to pay for. This way, more profits are generated for the site.

These Freeroll options are great for beginners, and do not carry any risks. You can use them to practice different strategies, but you do need to remember that everyone you are playing against is probably quite weak. Experienced players who are able to win large amounts do not usually bother with Freeroll events.

This can give you a faulty impression of your own level of skill. You will think that you are better than you are, giving you too much consequence when you play in other games and tournaments. Even after you’ve had some success with Freerolls, it is advisable to be cautious when you start buying in to play.

Tournament Formats

Whether you are buying in or playing for free, Poker tournaments are divided into Sit and Go and scheduled categories. For Scheduled events, you can sign up before the time. You know exactly when the first game starts, and can make plans for the rest of your life accordingly.

Conversely, you sign up to a Sit ns Go event just before it begins. If you suddenly find yourself with time to play, this format can work really well. As soon as enough people have registered, the tournament will begin. You need to stay logged into the site, so that you can be notified when the gameplay commences.

Tournament Structure

When you’re playing online and space is not a concern, you can have thousands of people playing in the same tournament. This means that the payouts are always impressive, and even when there is a steep buy-in, they are worth it if you are able to win.

Every player is given the same amount of chips, and those who do best in one round proceed to the next. When you run out of chips, you are automatically eliminated. The prize is either awarded to the last player standing, or to the top performers at the end of a set number of rounds.

As you can probably imagine, you get to interact with a lot more tablemates than you would normally be able to when playing Poker online. This can give you more insight into reading tells, understanding probability, and perfecting your own bluffing tactics.

If you have enough money to buy into a tournament and enough time to play, you can have a great time and stand to win a substantial jackpot. As soon as you feel confident enough, put your name down for a Scheduled or Sit and Go event.