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Guide to Poker Strategy

You should already know that we bring you everything you need to play Poker online, from reviews of the best sites, to how banking and bonuses work. Very importantly, we also cover everything you need to know about the game itself, including how to use Poker strategy successfully.

We don’t expect everyone who checks out our site to be a genius at cards already; we take pride in appealing to everyone. Whether you are just beginning or are already a seasoned player, we’re happy to welcome you. And our tips and guidelines are diverse enough to suit everyone’s level of skill. Learning Poker strategy can take time, but it is well worthwhile, and the more you practice, the better you’ll become. And the better you play, the more you’ll win.

The Importance of Poker Strategy

When you first start to play you probably won’t spend much time thinking about strategy. You will be too busy getting familiar with the rules, the hand rankings and placing your bets. But as you spend more time on the game, you’ll want to extend your capabilities and challenge yourself. That’s where strategy comes in.

Everyone else will be honing his or her skills and tactics at the same time, so you really need to stay alert and do as much research as possible. Having a good understanding of different strategies will help you anticipate the next move your opponents are going to make. And if you know that, you’ll be able to decide what to do to foil their plans.

A good command of different tactics and plays means you are more able to focus on bluffing, and on interpreting the bluffs of your tablemates. Think of it as learning the alphabet and then learning to read - you’ll know the basics, so you’ll be free for more sophisticated moves.

Knowing when to keep or discard cards, raise the bet or fold is also crucial, and understanding how different strategies tie in at different times will give you the edge.

Maximising Your Potential

Understanding different types of Poker strategy allows you to make the most of each hand. As it is a thinking game, the more research you do and the more practice you get, the more naturally you’ll make smart decisions. We suggest that you start off with free play or demo games and then use them to hone your skills, so that when you switch to real money, you are confident in your ability.

If you learn about different variants and know which ones you want to focus on, you’ll be able to make better decisions about what to play based on the tables that are offered.  In the same way, if you are able to decide which special features are important to you, you can use our reviews to help you find them. You won’t need to waste your time at online sites that don’t offer what you want.

Helping You Win

We’ve structured our School so that it is always able to meet your needs. Simpler and more complex game concepts are introduced and you can learn the various strategies required for each. As you learn more, there will be more guidelines for you to read. And since we’ll keep adding new material, this will always be true.

Start by learning the basics of Poker strategy, and deciding what variant you like best. Texas Hold’em is a great starting point, or you can even opt for Video Poker to learn the basic hand rankings and a bit of basic gameplay.

With our School you’ll soon be well on your way to mastering the art of a card game that can be very lucrative.