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Best Online Poker Sites for Mac

When it comes to online Poker and casino games, Mac users have always gotten the short end of the stick. When the first Poker sites started to appear in the late 1990’s, they ran exclusively on Windows software. The only way a Mac user had access to the software was to use a Windows Emulator or buy a Windows computer. Thankfully, things have changed since then.

Today, many of the top sites offer a full Mac software download, as well as browser-based gaming that run flawlessly in Safari. Since downloads offer more functionality, we have put together a list of top sites that offer native Mac downloads. These online Poker sites all cater to players who prefer Apple products.


If you are going to be playing online, then PokerStars is the place to start. Officially it is the largest online Poker site in the world with the fastest flow of traffic and the most action. They have a truly impressive range of game varieties, along with the usual Hold’em Stud and Omaha. Their site offers multiple cash games and tournaments 24 hours a day. They also have the handy Zoom function where you are zipped to a new table when you fold. The software is cutting edge, and works with all new and older model Macs.


Launched in 2002, 888Poker is one of the most popular sites in the industry. While they might not have the traffic and variations of PokerStars, they do have amazing Mac software with features that allow you to save and import history. The functionality of the software is quite revolutionary, and yet simple to use. The action is great for all skill levels with soft Hold’em games. They focus mainly on Hold’em, with Omaha and Stud Poker online cash games and tournaments. 888 offers satellites to live events and lucrative sign up bonuses as well. For mobile users, their iOS app is super handy and easy to use.

Party Poker

Party Poker was once the biggest Poker online provider in the industry. In 2006, they lost most of their clientele when they pulled out of the US market. Since 2006, they have been playing catch-up with rival sites, and have finally started to get a foothold in the European and global markets. Party Poker is ideal for novice to moderate skilled players with plenty of soft action. In fact, most of their games are a little softer than what you would normally expect. That being said, they do have a new live events and satellites that can be extremely lucrative. For Mac users, the site offers a full state of the art download with plenty of customisable features.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt has been around since 2004, but has undergone a bit of a transformation in the last few years. It used to be that the site was a haven for grinders and big-game enthusiasts chasing massive wins. They have since become a soft game destination, and one catering more towards the recreational player. They use the same awesome software as PokerStars, which means Mac users can play on their iPhone or iPad too.

The reinvention of the site saw the removal of heads up games and table selection to protect players against sharks. They also removed the more complicated online Poker variants like Stud and Draw. Today, it is a fun, easy to use option that offers plenty of traffic, great promotions and easy soft games. It may not be the ideal place for pros and High Rollers, but for everyone else, they are certainly worth looking into.