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When Pro Players Turn Rivals

18 June, 2019 by Everette Renner
When Pro Players Turn Rivals

Professional Poker is no doubt a hotbed for potential raised tempers. Demanding intense concentration in situations of incredible high risk, it is all but guaranteed that some players are going to land up annoyed with one another. It is to be expected. Sometimes, though, these altercations go one step beyond, and the results are explosive.

Tony G vs. Andrew Robl

Antanas Guoga, more commonly known as Tony G, is a great Poker player. The Lithuanian businessman and philanthropist is also not known for his patience. So, when sharing the same table as Andrew Robl, who is somewhat the opposite, tempers were bound to flare. Robl took more time to make his move that Tony G felt was necessary, eventually resulting in Tony G flying into a cursing frenzy and threatening to walk out of the game. Robl ignored the tirade flying in his direction, probably assuming it was a ploy to psyche him out.

Daniel Negreanu vs. Erik Seidel

Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel were known for not exactly getting along, frequently going head to head in very public circumstances. On the show Super High Rollers Negreanu bested Seidel repeatedly, creating a rivalry that was ready to explode. Then, at the EPT 8 Grand Final the two went head to head again, with Negreanu once again defeating Seidel against all odds. Seidel left with head held high, despite what must have been a crushing loss. It just goes to show; you don’t have to lose your head.

Maurice Hawkins vs. Shyam Srinivasan

Although Seidel knows how to win to lose gracefully, others don’t. At the PCA 2015 Srinivasan made a few snarky remarks after landing a big win, sparking resentment from Hawkins. Despite attempts from other players to cool the clearly growing anger, it only escalated, much to the annoyance of everyone involved.

Tony G vs. Phil Hellmuth

Lastly we have perhaps one of the most well known rivalries of all time, Tony G is back a second time on this list. The two are well known for going head to head on multiple occasions, and having verbal altercations on almost every occasion. Although the exchanges are more good-natured than others on this list, closer to banter than actual resentment, it’s clear that you couldn’t exactly call the two friends.

Though many Poker fans tune in to watch when both are at a table, for no other reason than having a good chuckle at the insults being thrown back and forth.