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Pro Poker Player Secrets Revealed

29 November, 2018 by Everette Renner
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Getting better at poker can be a full time job. In fact, it is for some professional players who dedicate their lives to being the best. But what if you could get a few secret tips from these professionals, and apply them to your own game? Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

These are the secrets that players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth Jr, Sam Trickett, Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel want you to know about your game.

Losing Is Natural

Many enthusiastic players get put off when they lose, as if it is somehow an indication that they have performed poorly. This is not the case. Even the best players in the world are going to lose some of the time, as that is just how the game unfolds!

Losing is a big part of the game, and is in fact statistically going to occur. The trick is to roll with the losses, bide time, and strike when the iron is hot. Making a move too early out of desperation, is one of the ways amateur players land up broke.

Don’t Get Attached To A Hand

Drawing a hand that seems unbeatable is what every player is hoping for. But, just because you have a great hand, it doesn’t mean that an opponent has drawn a hand better. Folding on a great hand is what professionals do, if they sniff that an opponent may have a better hand. Folding when necessary is one of the greatest skills a professional player will learn. Don’t worry; other great hands will always be on the way.

Manage your Money

Making wild, irrational bets on every hand is the quick way to have empty pockets. Movies may make it seem like money is raked in hand over fist when you are a skilled player, but this is nothing short of complete nonsense. Poker has an element of chance to it, which means that consistent winning is impossible. This, in turn, means that managing your cash is not just a good idea it is essential. Bet smart, even if you think you have a killer hand.

Control Yourself

Last but not least, in all ways, in all aspects of poker; control yourself. Don’t be emotional, don’t chase losses, and don’t celebrate too early. Professionals never drop their poker face, and neither should you. Although poker is great fun, keeping emotion out of it is a good idea, if you intend on being the best. Remember; no one ever made a good decision when they were panicked, desperate, or over confident.