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BreakoutPoker Announces First BRK Tournament

30 November, 2018 by Everette Renner

BRK PromoBreakoutPoker.com is proud to announce that it is officially the first online gaming platform to accept BRK, or the Breakout Coin Payment System, for deposits as well as withdrawals. All other major national currencies will continue to be supported along with the cryptocurrency.

The Breakout coin payment system is unique in that it fully supports a multi-currency system. The currency Breakout coin (or BRK) is at the heart of the system and makes for one of the most technologically advanced payment systems currently available in the world of cryptocurrency.

Pro Bounty Tournament

Breakout Poker’s Pro Bounty Tournament 1st Online event will be the official launch of the concept of awarding cryptocurrency to winners. The poker tournament will be run on monthly basis and will be the very first competition of its kind to award top-performers with the BRK cryptocurrency.

BRK is an established cryptocurrency that trades on all major financial platforms, including Bittrex.com.

Time Slot

The Pro Bounty Tournament will be played on the last Thursday of each month at 20:05 UCT, and winners will be able to lay claim to their share of $2,000 worth of winnings in BRK. Winnings are deposited directly into the accounts of winners, or alternatively, if they so choose, into the BRK wallets. The pro-bounties are fixed at $50 per knockout.

Brand ambassador Poker professionals, most of whom are in possession of one or more World Series of Poker bracelets, will feature during each tournament. This is bound to add an element of true celebrity excitement to the experience.

Current Breakout Poker champs include:

Signing Up Is Easy

Best of all is that players are able to register completely for free for these monthly tournaments online. A 200% bonus for the first three rounds is automatically awarded to new subscribers and no bonus code is needed to activate the special bonus feature. There’s something for everyone and for every level of expertise.