Anonymous Poker Tables

We are getting back to basics with a host of
Anonymous Cash Tables to play on.

These tables will allow you to remain as the game suggests: anonymous; only you will be able to see your alias and avatar during the game. This really does heat things up at the table as you are kept guessing throughout as to who exactly you are sharing the table with!

Get the edge on the competition by playing at one of our Anonymous Cash Tables and through MyPokerLab…your bankroll could get a serious boost!

Here are some questions you may be asking about our Anonymous Cash Tables:

Q: Why play in anonymous tables?

A: You now have the opportunity to remain anonymous and give yourself a better chance at winning.

Q: How do I know if a table is an anonymous table?

A: Anonymous tables have an icon next to the table name identifying it as an anonymous table.

Q: How will I know where I am sitting at an anonymous table?

A: Only you will be able to see your Alias and Avatar. All other players can be identified through a number.

Q: Will previous player notes and ratings about me be shown in an anonymous table?

A: No, all notes and ratings will not be available on the anonymous table.

Q: Can poker tracking software track my real alias to the anonymous table?

A: No, poker tracking software will not associate your number allocated on the anonymous table to that of your real alias.

Q: Will the poker manager still see the player's Real Alias?

A: Yes, network monitoring teams will still have access to the player's real information.

Go anonymous and feel the poker love by playing in any of our Anonymous Cash Tables here at PokerTime.