Answers to frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about general poker gaming at PokerTime online poker room. Click on the questions below to read their answers:

Do I need to go to the PokerTime website to play?

No, you do not need to go to the PokerTime website to play. You need to run the software and you will automatically be connected to the poker room. You can also play our flash version by going to the PokerTime website without downloading.

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Can I view what the game looks like before I buy in?

Yes. You can download and install our software, register your account and play for free with the virtual poker credits that we give you – you do not have to give any credit information at this point. You will be able to log in where you can watch the games without playing or you can play at the ‘play money’ table. The ‘play money’ tables have all of the features and ease-of-play of the ‘real money’ tables, but you don’t have to play for real money.

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How do I view what games and tables are available?

Once the lobby has opened, a table list for the various types of poker will appear. If you would like to view the table list for each type of poker game, you can select the game-type tab that is above the table list and a table with the relevant information will appear.

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How do I join a table from the lobby?

All you need to do is highlight the table that you would like to open, you can do this by either clicking on the table on the list, or by using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. Once you’ve highlighted the table you wish to play at, double click the highlighted area or click the ‘Go to Table’ button underneath the table menu. You will now see the table window open.

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Can I sit down at an empty table?

Yes you can sit down at an empty table. All it means is that you’ll have to wait until someone else decides to join you to play. You’ll notice that generally when you sit down at an empty table other people will soon join, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to wait too long before you start playing.

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How does the waiting list work when a table is full?

When the table that you want to play at is full, you can join the waiting list in either the lobby or from the table itself. If you want to do this you need to highlight the table in the table list and click the ‘Waiting List’ button that is below the table list. You’ll then see a dialogue box pop up that gives you the option of joining the waiting list for that table or for all tables within that category. You will then be added to the list and you will receive automatic notification when there is an available seat.

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How does the waiting list work when a table is empty?

If there are no players available to play in the game you’ve selected you can select the minimum number of players you would like to play against in the waiting list dialogue box. Once a game that has enough players is available, you’ll receive automatic notification.

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What do Avg Pot and Plrs/Flop mean in the table list?

The Avg pot is a representation of the rolling 30-hand average pot. The 30-hand average pot is calculated using the previous 30 hands. The Plrs/Flop is the percentage calculated from the average number of players in the hand for the flop.

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How can I locate a player who may be playing at one of the tables?

You’ll see a search feature in the bottom right-hand corner of the lobby window. You can enter the username of the player you’re trying to find and you’ll be taken to the table that this player is playing. You will also be informed if the player is not in the room.

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How do I chat with the other players?

All you need to do to chat to other players is type what you would like to say in the box that you’ll find in the bottom right-hand corner of the table window. You will be able to see the text being entered so that if you want to edit what you have typed before submitting you can. When you are ready to submit what you’ve typed, hit the ‘Enter’ key and your text appear in the chat box for other players to see and respond to. You can also chat to players at other tables other than the one you are sitting at.

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What is the meaning of some of the shorthand lingo that some players use when chatting?

  • NH - Nice Hand
  • VN / VNH -Very Nice / Very Nice Hand
  • TX / TKS / TY - Thanks / Thank you
  • WTG - Way To Go
  • G1 - Good One
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • LOL - Laughing Out Loud
  • ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • CUL - See You Later
  • CYA - See You
  • GG - Good Game

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All the chatting is annoying – how do I stop it?

There are various chat settings available. You can modify the settings by selecting the drop-down list that is directly below the chat box in the bottom right corner of the table window.

Here are the settings you can choose from:

  • Full Detail – you’ll get a full description of every game and what happens to each player in every hand as it happens, including the winning hand.
  • Summary Detail – this only shows the highlights of each hand – the flop, the turn, the river and the winning hand.
  • Chat Only – you won’t get any game details but will get player chat.
  • Silent – you won’t get any game details or player chat.
  • No Player Chat – you’ll only get game action details, with no chat.

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Why does the game action sometimes slow down?

Despite our server and software being designed to be strong and efficient, sometimes an unprecedented amount of players log in to our poker room. If you experience a seemingly slower response or ‘lag’, it is either from your side with a slower connection than usual or other players connections are slow, making their reaction time seem slow.

If this slowness is happening regularly, you can contact our support team so that we can identify the problem and you can get back to your poker playing.

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What happens if I get disconnected during a game?

Experiencing a disconnect in the middle of a hand can be extremely frustrating. Understand that your hand is protected as per an “All In” situation unless you fold your hand. Note that in order to prevent this feature from being abused, there is a limit to “All Ins” over a 24-hour period that is decided and set up by administrators. This "All In" counter is reset each day at 12:00 GMT.

Your hand will fold if one of the following happens:

  • You leave the poker room in the middle of a hand.
  • You exit the game using the close box (i.e. clicking the X in top right hand corner of the screen).
  • You click the ‘fold’ button by accident or intentionally.
  • You are disconnected from the game and re-enter the table before that hand has been completed.
  • You fail to act on your hand within 20 seconds, e.g. you "Time Out".

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What happens when a hand is restarted?

You will sometimes experience a situation in which a hand will appear to start, this will be indicated by the cards being shuffled and the prompt for posting the blinds, followed by a slight pause and the Dealer text indicating “Hand Will Start Over”. Your player account will not be affected by incomplete hands because only complete hands have an effect on their accounts. So if you have posted blinds and bets in an incomplete hand, they will not be taken from your account balance.

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Can I leave the game and come back to it?

Yes. When you want to leave the game you can click the “Sit Out” checkbox and you will not be dealt another hand until you return. If you sit out for more than fifteen minutes or have missed two rounds of blinds you’ll be removed with no option of returning.

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Can I view hand histories?

Yes. Each hand that is played is given a unique number that is used to review the events when a player questions a specific hand. If you want to view a hand history you can do so with the PlayCheck system that will allow you to see all of the hands you have played and the full detail of everything that happened at the table. When you want to access PlayCheck you can click the “Menu” button and select the “Playcheck” option. You’ll now see the PlayCheck window open where you can search the functions to view the hand histories of the table and games that you’ve played in. If you find yourself in the situation where you feel there has been a legitimate mistake in the hand, or if you can’t view the hand history, click here and forward all the information you’d like reviewed.

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Are your poker games fair?

Our poker games are absolutely fair. It is common for people to suspect online poker rooms of being manipulated by the companies that own and run them but, to put your mind at ease, we can assure you that we have a high level of integrity in terms of fairness of play. Our software provider, Microgaming, is one of the most established and respected suppliers of gaming software globally and can therefore ensure fairness and reliability with absolute certainty. Card shuffling and payouts are reviewed by independent auditors regularly so that fairness is ensured. You can view these findings here.

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What is done about collusion?

There are various methods of monitoring the tables at PokerTime and any player suspected of collusion will be monitored closely. There are ‘bots’ that monitor the chat room for collusion. If further suspicion arises then the players in question will have their accounts suspended instantly and permanently so that all coffee-housing is stopped.

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