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Senior Citizen Is An Aggressive Gambler

by James 5. July 2010 04:47



 It was a seemingly lucky night for Thomas Gigliotti until the moment he pulled into his driveway.

Thomas Gigliotti, 74 and his wife Josephine 71, were returning home to their house from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood after a lucky night on to the tables.  According to Police, several masked bandits robbed the couple of their winnings in their driveway of around $4,000 in cash. The masked men rushed towards Gigliotti, pulled him from his car knocked him to the ground and stole his cash, credit cards and mobile phone.

However, this was not the end of this crime tale. Rather than being shaken up after being robbed and assaulted, the feisty senior citizen jumped back in his Lincoln Navigator and took off in a almost Hollywood-esque chase after the bandits. He spotted the bandits jumping into a white getaway car near an intersection not too far from where the robbery occurred.

Gigliotti tailed the robbers through the streets of Plantation and at one point even attempted to ram the smaller getaway vehicle in an effort to make force the car to spin out. Gigliotti bumped the car twice from behind in a scene that  could only be reminiscent of a Jason Bourne movie. “The chase was one of the greatest chases you've ever seen, they took rights and lefts, rights and lefts. They couldn't shake me. They just couldn't," Thomas said.

Eventually at speed of around 65mph, he rammed the getaway car sending the vehicle out of control and the bandits skidded off the side of the road.

The suspects bailed out of the vehicle and abandoned the car, "I put my high beams on and reversed to see the vehicle, it looks like there's nobody in the car.' Gigliotti said he as he cautiously approached the vehicle but the men had fled by this point.

Although, in the meantime his wife has said that her card –playing days are over. “I’m not going back there she said. “I don’t ever want to go back there.”The senior bravado was however not on the same opinion, and believes he was not tempting lady luck; “I like to go down to the casino” he said.

And this is why I play online. This same sort of robbery seems to happen far too often. 


Poker Runs

by Kate 1. April 2010 06:37

                                           A Thousand Poker Faces

A poker run is not a race. It is an organised event in which participants, using either boats or motorcycles, visit 5 to 7 checkpoints, and at each checkpoint, draw a playing card. The object of the run is to end up with the best poker hand. Winning has nothing to do with what time you complete the course in- winning is based on the cards riders of dealt and therefore is purely a matter of chance.

Poker runs take place throughout the world and the largest recorded one was in 2009 with 2,136 motorcyclists participating, although it was claimed that 15,000 participants took part in 2008.

The rules and details of every poker run vary but most are organised to raise funds for a good cause of some sort. There is generally an admission fee that pays for funding the event, prizes, and for donating to the event’s fundraising recipient. The rider with the best hand will be awarded money, plaques or merchandise donated by a sponsor while smaller prizes are awarded for lower hands and the lowest hand is often awarded too.

Players’ hands are usually written down or marked with punched holes on a ticket as opposed to riders carrying actual poker hands.

Poker Runs are generally organised as fun events in which people can get together to benefit an aspect of their community.

Amirillo Slim Preston

by James 6. January 2010 08:24

amarillo slim

After yesterday’s blog entry featuring some famous quotes I decided to look a little deeper into the man behind the name, Amarillo Slim Preston, and it has to said, this guy is one helluva character. No surprises then to discover that there have been plans for a film to made about his eccentric and colorful life, starring Nicholas Cage, for several years now. The last I heard it was going to be released end of 2009- hmm.

Notoriously awesome things that Amarillo Slim did:

-          Beat Minnesota Fats at pool with a broom

-          Won $300.000 from country music legend Willie Nelson playing dominoes

-          Played poker with presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon

-          Played poker with drug lords Pablo Escobar and Jimmy Chagra

-          Played a highly publicized poker game with porn king Larry Flynt. Mr. Flynt lost a $1,700,000- yowza!

-          Wagered that a cat could pick up a Coke bottle.

-          Rafted down the River of No Return in winter in a wetsuit made by Jacques Cousteau–a bet that earned me $31,000 from Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder.

-          Rode a camel through Casino El Mamounia in Marrakesh, Morrocco

-          Bet a prominent politician that George W. Bush would win the 2000 Presidential election.

-          Won 5 WSOP bracelets, including the main event in 1972

You can’t beat that.

Amarillo Slims Famous Quotes

“Poker is a game of people… It’s not the hand I hold, it’s the people that I play with.”

“Look around the table. If you don’t see a sucker, get up, because you’re the sucker.”

“They anticipate losing when they sit down and I try my darndest not to disappoint one of them.”

“I never go looking for a sucker. I look for a Champion and make a sucker of him.”

“The population in Amarillo has stayed the same over the last fifty years. Every time some woman gets pregnant, some man leaves town.”

“It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid and can hardly count all the money in your hip pocket, much less hold on to it..”

Poker Playing Priest Wins $100,000

by James 30. December 2009 05:56


Excuse me?  We’ve all heard that gambling is a sin. It seems to be the accepted norm amongst religious communities. So how did this priest land up getting involved in the poker world


Earlier this year, Reverend Trap of Myrtle Beach Parish, St Michaels’s Church entered a poker tournament with the hope that he would win the $5 million cash prize to help his church. The good reverend aimed to donate all his winnings to the church to make it nice and shiny and for his congregation to enjoy.

Apparently, the Reverend asked permission in the church before embarking on the drive for the money, and was actually encouraged by his congregation to go ahead and vie for an in the money win. He got permission from his bishop. He said he’d never go ahead with it followed through without it.

The priest played with his clerical collar on during his game which probably made the other players quite nervous. Good tactile move.

Whilst not winning the $5 million dollar prize, he had to set for a not so measly $100,000 prize.

Congratulations to him!

Attached here is his audition tape for the show.

Phil Ivey, The Tiger Woods of Poker is Getting Divorced

by James 30. December 2009 05:53

Man, we just can’t let the Tiger thing go!

Phil Ivey, arguably the best poker player in the universe right now (watch out Commander Data) has been granted a divorce from his wife; Luciaetta.

The jokes are streaming in because of his ongoing association with   Tiger Woods: his nickname has been ‘The Tiger Woods of Poker’ for some time now although we’re pretty sure he would prefer it to be the other way round where Tiger Woods would be nicknamed ‘The Phil Ivey of Golf’.

Cake cracked some classy jokes about how perhaps his wife left him after mistaking him for Tiger Woods or that Phil had left her after finding out that she slept with Tiger.

You couldn’t make it up…

Poker: Not Necessarily Confined to Earth

by James 28. December 2009 06:39

In other poker related odd news, Ted Moustakis attempted to sue Christies for selling him knock-offs after being told by the actor playing Data that they weren’t the real deal. The items under scrutiny were a $6,600 poker visor, an $11,000 poker table and a $6,000 uniform, all said to have been worn and used by Mr. Moustakis’s favourite Star Trek character, Commander Data. The uniform is said to just be one of many that could have been worn by any number of cast members. The charges against Christies have now been dropped after judges said Moustakis should have just asked for his money back instead of attempting to sue.

Here’s a bit of history behind the game of poker as played on the Starship Enterprise:

Data was first introduced to the game in 2365 and initially believed that all that was required to play the game was a simple mathematical strategy. He was soon to realize that this was not the case and started viewing poker as an interesting forum to use to study human behaviour. Data designed a ‘holodeck’ programme in which he played against Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Stephan Hawking. Data found that he had the advantage of having the ultimate ‘poker face’ because he was incapable of displaying human emotion. He used this advantage when he was sent back in time to San Francisco in the 1890’s and joined a poker game to clean up his opponents and as well as leaving some of them without clothing.

Other Trekkie references to poker:

·         Doctor Mendoza immediately recognized that Commander Riker was a poker player.

·         After playing in a ‘Federation Day’ variant of poker, where two’s, six’s and aces were wild cards, Worf commented that the large number of wild cards made it a “Woman’s Game” because it “supports a weak hand”.

·         While most of the games on the Enterprise-D were played using common clay chips, one game between William T. Riker, Worf, Geordi La Forge and Beverly Crusher was wagered on an unconventional stake: if Beverly won, all of the men would shave their beards, and if any of the men won, Beverly would dye her hair brown. Unfortunately the game was never finished.

·         Geordi was a regular poker player and used his ‘visor’ to read through the cards of his opponents but was adamant that he never used this ability until the hand was over. Yeah right


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