Cards become eco-friendly with: The Deck Chair
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Cards become eco-friendly with: The Deck Chair

by Kate 19. August 2010 09:50


Thousands upon thousands of cards are discarded in Las Vegas casinos to make way for newer, fresher and less ‘marked’ cards every day. BRC Designs has taken these unwanted decks and recycled...ahem...reshuffled them into a chair called the Deuces Wild Chair.

This chair is also surprisingly functional i.e. people can actually sit on it without it ‘folding’. The chair’s designer, Benjamin Rollins Cadwell, says that the “materials to speak for themselves and stay as true as possible”. By this he means that the shape of the chair is inspired by the shapes created during card dealing. Quirky.


5/30/2010 9:51:25 PM #

really useful info, keep up the good work!

Naam e Muhammad Sallay Ala United States

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