Swedish Tax Man After Isildur1
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Swedish Tax Man After Isildur1

by James 19. January 2011 05:01

Viktor Blom

Since the revealing of the true identify of Isildur1 as Swedish player Viktor Blom, he could be investigated by the Swedish version of the IRS, the Skatterverket. The agency has been targeting players who live in Sweden but play in sites which are not located in the European Union in an effort to recoup taxes which have gone unreported.

It seems the main target of their initial investigation is online poker phenomenon Viktor Blom. The Swede has reportedly accrued tax liabilities of up to $150 million dollars in his notorious high stakes games on an online poker room.

Swedish law dictates that all residents need to pay tax on any poker and gambling winnings unless their play is on sites based in the EU. Isildur1, Blom, played at both won and lost at sites which do not fall into this criteria thus enabling the authorities to believe they have a case against them..

Players who play outside the Europeans Unions are subject to a tax rate of 30% on each winning pot, and since Blom took home literally millions of dollars in prize money in sites not allowed by Sweden, he might owe the tax man almost as much as $150 million.

Blom moved to the UK last year’s probably to avoid paying taxes on his poker winnings. This might solve a little bit of the mystery as to why he took so long to disclose his true identity.


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