Perez gets it So Wrong!
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Perez gets it So Wrong!

by Kate 21. June 2010 05:56


An article published on the Perez Hilton blog last week claimed that Shannon Elizabeth was taking rake from players while hosting poker games at her house. The blog post’s headline read: “Shannon Elizabeth is NOT Going to Like This!” but it now seems that Shannon Elizabeth is more entitled to NOT like the post than originally thought because it has turned out the claims the post made were fake.

It all started when a Perez reader sent an email that claimed that the reader was invited to a house poker game at Shannon Elizabeth’s house in L.A. last Friday.

The emailer said: “We at first think it’s really a treat to be playing poker with her, but it turns out she’s not even playing, she’s just coming in and out collecting money from people and taking an illegal rake for the house. One pot I was in had only $70 dollars in it, but the dealer took $25 dollars out for the house…..? Anyone who plays poker knows this is nuts.”

This has now been verified as a fake claim. Elizabeth was not even in L.A. at the said time- she was in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker and there are hundreds of witnesses who can confirm this.

Perhaps it's time Perez spent some time verifying stories. This really makes us wonder how many more stories on the blog are big fat fakes.


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