Will the PCA live-tournament broadcasts work?
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Will the PCA live-tournament broadcasts work?

by Kate 21. January 2011 06:38


As the second biggest event after the WSOP, the PCA is one of the biggest tournaments in poker and now that the 2011 PCA Main Event is to be broadcast the question arises; will it attract more people/viewers to the game?

Televsied poker has become more and more popular recently and there's no doubt that the PCA broadcast plans to capitalize on this. It will also continue in the poker-broadcast trend to use niche stats and terminology that the average crowd would not understand. This means that the crowd they are trying to attract already have accounts and already watch poker. Why would they change what they’re already doing for a similar product?

The average, casual viewer is going to find this kind of broadcast slow, difficult to understand and therefore boring. More so when you consider that the broadcast of the final happens at the same time as the NFL playoffs. All that these broadcasts entail is poker, stats, analysis, poker and more poker.

The set is also a problem. It seems to reinforce the blandness. The set should be something that attracts a viewer as they flip from channel to channel and, at the moment just doesn’t grab anyone’s attention.

The actual poker stars are of a different kind these days too. They used to be strong minded and willed personalities who relied on feel and intuition. These days there seems to be a parade of young savant-like players with no charisma or entertainment value. This is beyond the control of the broadcaster but a factor nevertheless.

If the broadcasters and production houses want an audience, they need to start thinking a bit more out of the box. More excitement, more entertainment and a faster pace is necessary to bring in a broader audience. Audiences need a ‘hook’ to get them watching, interesting excerpts to keep them captivated during the slow times and they need to feel some sort of an emotional connection with the players.

While the present broadcast was done well for advanced players and audiences, it just doesn’t have the necessary ‘draw cards’ to reel in a bigger audience.


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