Mel Gibson Convinced That Smelly Cow Brain Goo Helps His Poker
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Mel Gibson Convinced That Smelly Cow Brain Goo Helps His Poker

by James 11. January 2010 09:22

Mel Gibson

This dude is so weird. It’s always nice to discover that more and more high profile people enjoy playing poker but this time round I don’t know how cool it is that Mel Gibson plays the game. He just gets weirder and weirder.

Recent reports claim that Mel Gibson rubs a smelly goo of mushed up cow brains onto his arms before playing poker. He believes the substance cleans ‘the neurotransmitters’ in his brain therefore sharpening his mind for poker. Cow brains contain a substance called Selegrine that is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and alleviate depression but has not been proven to improve Mel Gibson’s poker game. In fact, his publicist, Alan Nierob, insists the ointment does absolutely nothing to improve Gibson’s game.

And Nierob is happy about this, stating that Gibson’s regular failures to take the pot have made generous contributions to putting Nierob’s kids through college.


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